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Besides our splendid Wedding and Event Venue, our winery will serve a variety of wine choices and select beers on tap. We also have a wonderful catering menu available with select choices of hand-made quality foods that are are wonderfully delicious! 

Your feedback is highly appreciated! If you have questions, comments, and suggestions, send them to Emery’s Buffalo Creek in Bellville, Texas through the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in our wedding services or other - please contact us here! 

Emery's Buffalo Creek

10827 HWY 36 

Bellville, TX 77418

Ph: 979-865-0702

Email: [email protected]


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10827 HWY 36, Bellville, TX, 77418

Another route is Highway 290  or Highway 6 - from that direction EBC will be on the right side (see ballon/box) . 

10827 HWY 36, Bellville, TX 77418

There are several routes to take - if you want the scenic route or the quick route and depends on where you are coming from. Our brides have come from Dallas, California, and Houston.  

This Map follow I-10 going west to the STAR and EBC is on the left side of highway 36. 

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