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Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19

Re-Plan  your wedding during COVID-19 downtime 

I’m a rule breaker when it comes to design and sometimes even the traditional wedding rules. You know, the ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day rule’ kind of thing. All of us here at Emery’s Buffalo Creek think that it would just take a little tweaking of your colors and you will still love them on your new wedding date! Your planner can assist you to help Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19. 

If you still loved your wedding colors and décor plan so much that you really don’t want to give it up for your fall wedding – who’s to say you can’t! I say press- on, it is YOUR wedding day!  

If you are just itching a little bit about your wedding colors and you’re JUST not sure. Now, during this downtime, is the perfect time to re-focus on your wedding theme and reach out to your planner if you have one.

Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19

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Due to the COVID-19 and having to move your wedding date, quite possibly the bridesmaid’s dresses have already been purchased but this is one purchase you or your maids should not worry about. 

Good news! Flowers and are easy to change since they have not been ordered yet.

Talk to your florist and make your new challenge a FUN one (that is if you want to)!  

Keep in mind if you planned a summer wedding that the floral industry has been impacted in a major way. Many flower farmers world wide had to plow their crops under; Spring is usually a big season for production. You may have to rely on your floral designer’s expertise to put together something delightful for you. We will talk about color harmonies to help you along.

Update on the Flower industry! Flowers distributors are back up and running – almost back to full capacity and I am excited to digging my hands to some gorgeous flowers again! 

First, let’s talk about the color wheel a bit.

Colors are limitless and there are some gorgeous colors these days! 

For now, we are going to look at 3 simple ways you can look at colors that affect the mood of your wedding. Monochromatic, Analogous, and Complimentary – sounds scary but it is not! 

  • A classic theme for weddings is the Monochromatic, it never goes out of style! This color palette is when the colors have multiple shades of the same hue. Make no mistake, this can still have a lot of impact!  
  • Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as green, blue, and purple is called Analogousvery popular and beautiful! Remember that hues are extensive and can range in hues whether they are bright or soft colors.   
  • Complimentary colors are opposites of each other on the color wheel. This one is rarely used but is stunning when put together correctly!  


Let’s get to the fun stuff! Setting your mood for your wedding day.

Clear examples of Color Harmonies

Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19 - Emery's Buffalo Creek

Examples of changes you can make

Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19 - Emery's Buffalo Creek

Example Bouquets

Flowers are the foundation that bring everything together and it is easy to infuse your favorite colors into your wedding decor and bouquets.

You may have dreamed of a Spring wedding, but I am here to tell you that Spring colors can still look fabulous in the Fall.

Again, I say rules are out the window if you are determined to keep your Spring wedding plans! It is YOUR day!

If you do not have a planner, here is a great tool for Brides that will help you Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19. No shortage on Love!


Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19 Emery's Buffalo Creek

Rescheduling Guide


Re-Plan your wedding during COVID-19 Emery's Buffalo Creek

Rescheduling Guide

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Happy Wedding Planning,

Patti ~ XOXO

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