Winter Wedding Texas-Style | Laura + Carson

Winter Wedding full of Love

Winter Wedding at Texas Winery Wedding Venue with Bride on Cedar Bar at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Here is an oldie but goodie! These Houstonian’s were lovable from the start and we hit it off right away. Laura was from Sugarland and Carson from Katy. The super sweet and thoughtful couple from Texas wanted their wedding day to be as easy as possible. The couple toured Emery’s, the rustic winery wedding venue with country views sold them. Laura and Carson wanted a winter wedding -Texas-style!

How it all started in Texas

To Live and Lab – that love is just the beginning. Laura’s Father brought home the cutest black lab puppy home. They named the adorable pup Zoe. It wasn’t long before the cute pup needed to go to obedience school, so the Bride’s mother takes Zoe to be evaluated for admittance. She meets this “guy” that would be perfect for Laura. Laura took Zoe a few times throughout the obedience training, but Laura never came across this “guy.”

About five months later, Laura and her parents go out to watch a Rocket/Spurs game at a Wolfies Sports Bar. Laura’s mother spots a guy wearing a Hendricks Kennel T-shirt and knew who he was! She, of course, had to say something to him and actually gave “this guy” Laura’s phone number! Laura and Carson met up two days later, and the rest is history.

The Brides Family Dog quietly Observing the Texas Wedding Processional at Houston Winery Wedding Venue
The Texas Wedding Couple Stating their vows in February at Emery's Buffalo Creek
Bride and Groom pose for their Texas Winter Wedding in Greater Houston area countryside at Emery's Buffalo Creek
Couple Strolling the Texas Pastures in the Winter at Emery's Buffalo Creek
Winter Wedding in Bellville, TX by the lakeside at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Groom and his clan get pampered too

Grooms have fun too! There is plenty to do after a day of horsing around playing games and taking photos. Carson took time out to read a letter from his Bride. It was a perfect prelude to his “I do’s.”

Having Fun on the Groom's wedding day at Emery's Buffalo Creek
Letter by the Bride Before The Wedding in Texas at Emery's Buffalo Creek

A bittersweet moment for the Bride

Laura knew that somehow Carson was brought into her life at the perfect time. You see, her father became ill just after she met Carson. Times were not easy for Laura during those eight months without her father. Her soul rested easier knowing that her father lived his dream of owning not one but two Harley Davidson motorcycles. Laura hung his favorite jacket on a chair to honor his presence during the ceremony there that day.

The Brides nephew stepped as the ‘Presenter of the Bride’ and gave her away. Her nephew valued his role and was honored to be a part of their winter wedding. Take a look at how proud he is of their special wedding ceremony.

Bride with her Father's Harley Davidson jacket to place on an empty chair for his  presence at her Texas Winter Wedding
The Brides Nephew steps in as Presenter of the Bride at Texas Wedding Venue  in Bellville, TX

Blush Flowers and Simple Décor for her Winter Wedding

Bride on Emery's Swing at Texas wedding venue in Bellville, TX
Classic Blush and Cream Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet for a Winter Wedding by Emery's Buffalo Creek Floral team
Posy Style Bridesmaid Bouquet by Emery's Buffalo Creek Floral team for a Texas Winter Wedding
The Bride with her Bridesmaids at her fabulous Winter Wedding Texas- Style
Junior Brides loved by their Auntie at Texas Winter Wedding by Emery's Buffalo Creek
The Bride with her Bridal Bouquet behind her Ceremony space at Emery's Buffalo Creek
Short Navy dresses for the Win for the Ladies standing by her Bride at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Guest talked for months about their Texas-style Winter Wedding

Laura and Carson wanted a fabulous wedding. Consequently, it was important to the couple that their guest have fun while celebrating their union at Emery’s. They provided many ways for the guest to feel entertained and happy to be there celebrating. A great way was to put on a big winter wedding Texas-style!

Simple Winery Reception Decor on Farm Tables for a relaxed Texas Wedding by Emery's Buffalo Creek

The décor was simple wine bottles with fairy lights inside. The Farm tables had fresh greenery across the table ‘garland style.’ Fussiness is not Laura’s style. Small doses of beauty were all the Bride needed.

Guest signed-in on a beautiful wooden Texas-shaped cutout. The guest book will be a wonderful keepsake that doubles as home décor.

Making memories with Wooden Crafted Texas shaped Guest sign-in Book at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? Instead of a very tall cake, Laura opted to do a stunning trio of wedding cakes. The main cake was a trendy naked cake for those not so fond of icing. The cake topper was all dolled up and pretty as a stand-alone and the third cake was one in a unique cake flavor.

Three Divine and Delicious Cakes to add Extra Beauty and Flavor for this Texas Couple in Houston

Ding Dongs, anyone? How cute is this display on a ladder? This Groom’s cake option turned out to be popular. Laura and Carson are fans of these ding dongs, and you would be too if you have not tasted them yet!

Ding Dongs by The Bake Shoppe on a display Ladder at Houston Winery Wedding Venue for a Winter Wedding

Entertaining the Texas way | Tacos count as steak too!

Entertaining guests started right away with the many food stations that were offered. Guests could choose from four different stations, and the choices were endless. Each station had many delicious side items and had several servers. The fun choices included:

  • Chips and Salsa station
  • Stuffed Avocado station
  • Fajita and Shrimp station
  • Quesadilla station.
Sizzling Shrimp Fajitas for a Winter Wedding at Texas Wedding Venue.

Guests enjoyed a Photobooth camper under the Firefly Terrace. A perfect spot to get away from it all under the night sky. There were many games to enjoy all evening long. Young and old alike were able to relax as the music played along.

Cypress Photo Booth Camper used to entertain Guests at Texas Wedding venue - Emery's Buffalo Creek
Games Galore for Texas Guests to use in one of the many spaces at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Dancing the night away Texas-Style

It was important that their guest stayed active and have fun. Laura and Carson really wanted to use an excellent music mix for their guest. They knew that different people like diverse music and, Laura and Carson wanted everyone to enjoy the night. The couple loves all types of dancing – line dancing, slow dancing, and group dancing. Really, there is nothing corny about the “Cha Cha” in Texas. It is a great way to open up the dance floor!

All Night Long with Dancing at Texas Winery Wedding Venue in Bellville, TX

Ending the night on a high note at Emery’s Buffalo Creek

The fireworks were another delightful surprise for their guests. It is only appropriate that the couple end the day with beautiful fireworks overlooking Emery’s lake. On an adventure in Mexico offshore fishing, the couple went hiking on Mt. Solmar. After the long day and reaching the top and overlooking the ocean, sweet Carson proposed to Laura.

Grand Finale of the Texas Wedding day with Fireworks at Houston Winery Wedding Venue.
Sparkler Exit to end their Texas Wedding  Night at Houston Winery Wedding Venue.

Happy Wedding Planning!

XOXO ~ Patti







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