Texas Meets Australia Boho Wedding

What is a Bohemian style wedding? 

We are going to dive into this Texas Meets Australia Boho Wedding. But first we will explain what a Bohemian wedding means. The best way to describe any Boho style wedding is that it is a relaxed wedding that doesn’t have to be perfect in every way. Bohemian Style weddings are casual and relaxed with less formality that makes it more enjoyable for everyone. You never know what unique little details you will find at a Boho style wedding. With this style you can be sure everyone is comfortable in every way for your special day at Emery’s Buffalo Creek Winery Wedding Venue.  

Texas Meets Australia Boho Wedding couple posing after the ceremony | Emery's Buffalo Creek Walking together as a couple pose | Emery's Buffalo Creek

How did Danica and Kyle embrace their Boho style wedding at Emery’s Buffalo Creek?  

Danica took a trip to Australia a few years before and while there, she saw botanical flowers that she had never seen before. There was one specific flower – the King Protea, that caught her eye. Yes, this flower grows prolifically around tropical areas of Australia!  This memorable trip made her decide on using this special flower in her wedding. The striking native Australian flower comes in a varying shades pink.  Danica’s heart was set on a mostly white King Protea and we were able to source the perfect one for her bouquet. This combination of flowers and foliage came together for a gorgeous Boho Bridal bouquet. 

King Protea in Bridal Bouquet | Emery's Buffalo Creek the Bride and her Bridesmaids | Emery's Buffalo Creek

The couple decided to join two very different continents to spur their wedding design at our Winery wedding venue. Australia and Texas, the two share vast terrains with unique botanical s each their own. A Texas Meets Australia Boho style wedding at Emery’s Buffalo Creek was a perfect way to merge to the two continents together. 

The Bridal Party at the swing | Emery's Buffalo Creek                                                                                                                                                  

Danica is infatuated with the great Australia along with its terrain, but Texas has her soul.  With the King Protea incorporated in her Bridal bouquet, we styled the Bridesmaids bouquet in a similar fashion. For their bouquets we used a deep rouge color Protea called Pink Ice – it is a much smaller version of the King Protea. 

the Bohoemian style Head table | Emery's Buffalo Creek Simple Succulent decor | Emery's Buffalo Creek

With Australian touches in the bouquets we decided to go Texan on the tables. The wine barrel tables had ‘hens and chicks’ and cactus in wooden boxes for centerpieces. Shown above is a succulent in a blushed colored vase.  It looked marvelous together for the wild and free look we were going for. The couples laid back style translated beautifully inside the Houston Winery Wedding venue and the guests were in awe of the setting.  

Change of plans for the Sweet Ceremony inside Houston’s Winery Wedding Venue

We decided to move the ceremony indoors due the forecast and look how beautiful it turned out. You would not have known this wasn’t the plan all along! You can see all the Boho goodness dripping about the fireplace.  A mixture of candlesticks, birdcages, and floating candles brought together this Boho Luxe Style beautifully. 

The Kiss at Alter at Emery's Buffalo Creek The Boho Couple after the ceremony at Houston's Winery Wedding Venue

This couple was insanely awesome! There was rain that came later in the evening, yet the newly married couple embraced it. After all, rain on a wedding day means ‘good luck’ for the entire marriage doesn’t it?   Fun and more Fun of dancing at Emery's Buffalo Creek The Couples First Dance at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Oh, and some fun information about this couple! They were on the cover and featured in the Texas Wedding Guide magazine.  How awesome is that! We were thrilled to see this! 

I can’t begin to describe the joy echoing throughout Emery’s Buffalo Creek that night. Everyone was having the time of their lives and they danced their hearts out all night!

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting your wedding day Danica & Kyle!  

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Happy Wedding Planning!


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