6 Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

Are you on the fence about having a winter wedding? We can give you 6 FAB reasons to have a Winter Wedding. Lets start with what there is to love about winter! Hot cocoa, cozy fires, winter fashion, and definitely the cool breezes! Forget blustery winters in Texas, you can get married in the dead of winter here. I think you will also agree with me on this – the mood is in a mellow state during the Winter months too.

Fab reasons for a Winter Wedding | Emery's Buffalo Creek

Here is an in depth look at the 6 reasons why you should have a Winter Wedding

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1.) Earlier Sunsets

The sun sets earlier in the winter so therefore your day will begin and end sooner – making for a nice and relaxing evening for your guest. Food being served early is one of the things your guest will appreciate.

Bride & Groom Tip: Get your ‘first look’ or ‘first touch’ pictures done before the wedding. Many report loving doing this ahead of time.

2.) Time

It is likely that many are not busy during Winter. There are less school sports and activities going on. Families are not swamped with many weddings to attend as in the Summer.

Bride & Groom Tip: Professional Vendors are less busy too! They can get your Photos and Film back to you quicker.

3.) Spirit

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There is a Joyful spirit that just surrounds the winter time. The natural sense of community just makes for magical season. What better time to celebrate your union! Even more so if you plan it around Holiday time. To see an example of a Holiday wedding Bride, check out this blog post on our Ice Blue Winter Wedding at Emery’s Buffalo Creek

Bride & Groom Tip: Use this magical season to spice up your wedding theme. Pique your guest interest by dropping hints on what is happening on your day on your invitations!

4.) Winter Weather

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Great winter weather means you can be spared of the humidity during an outdoor ceremony or ceremony. You had your sweltering hot days with your friends in the Summer, go for the cooler days for your special wedding day! Your hair and make up will thank you! 

Bride and Groom Tip: Offer Blankets if there will be a cold Ceremony outdoors. Guest will appreciate this gesture! This can also be your wedding favor to your guests!

5.) Date Availability

More Venue dates and better rates are available for you to choose from – sometimes you can catch a special rate too! Travel fare rates usually drop during the winter too — bonus for your family and friends!

Bride and Groom Tip: Inform your guests that travel rates drop during winter and be ready to guide them as to where to book!

6.) Decor

6 reasons to have a winter wedding

If your wedding date falls around the Holidays – embrace the season. The Holiday decor is an added bonus. Most Venues have simple neutral Christmas decor and this can greatly help your budget!

Just imagine all the wedding themes you can create with just a few items to add. You can choose a romantic Winter White theme, a cozy Cabin vibe, or opt for a more formal affair Holiday style.

Bride and Groom Tip: If you are not having a holiday wedding, we recommend personalizing your wedding with cute signs, pictures, and home decor items you make take home for yourself.

Happy Wedding Planning,

~Patti, XOXO

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