Glow-up | Emery’s is now a Four-Seasons Wedding Venue!

Emery’s Buffalo Creek – 1, Texas Weather – 0 

You crave an outdoor wedding venue but also know how unpredictable Texas weather can be. And you know what they say… “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes.” Well here at Emery’s we’ve got you covered… Literally! So let’s give that old saying the proverbial BOOT – and yes, we are most definitely playing up our Texas roots here, because obvi. 

We’ve had a glow-up at Emery’s and we’re so excited to share the news with you! Let’s be honest, melting makeup and soggy bouquets have no place in the wedding of your dreams. Sounds more like a wedding nightmare to us if we’re honest! So here it goes… 

We’ve fully enclosed our banquet hall which means you now have an additional 3900 sqft of comfort-controlled space for you and your guests to enjoy on your special day! Keep it all outside, all inside or a little bit of both. You now have options at Emery’s! So glow on, girl. Your wedding day plans (and your hair & make-up) are safe at Emery’s! 

How Emery’s went from an open-air to comfort controlled wedding venue

The decision to enclose Emery’s banquet hall did not come lightly. The open patio with its grand double-sided Austin stone fireplace and signature buffalo emblem was a gorgeous space for reception dining, happy hour mingling and even a wedding ceremony or two. It truly encapsulated the rustic charm that Emery’s is known for. But boy was it hot, or cold, or wet, or windy, or [insert crappy weather here]… depending on what this Texas weather of ours decided it wanted to do that day.  

Last year around this time, we sat down and discussed a variety of ideas to improve the venue. There’s always room for improvement, right? After speaking with past brides, surveying EBC staff and vendors, and polling our social media audiences, it became clear there was a desire and a demand for a fully enclosed banquet hall to limit exposure to the elements during weddings and events. 

We wanted to be able to provide more comfort for our guests and didn’t want to leave people out in the hot Texas sun.

Patti Emanuel, Owner

Armed with a vision and a plan, and owner Larry Emanuel’s expert handyman skills, renovations began in November 2020 and were completed shortly after the Bridal Open House in January 2021.  

Larry Emanuel, Owner

The $75,000 renovation took two months to complete and was all done in-house! Way to go Larry and team! And guess what? We’ve kept all the rustic charm that makes Emery’s so unique while also providing a venue space that is comfortable and convenient (and predictable, unlike the weather!) for you and your guests on your big day. Talk about a win-win-win! 


What did the renovation to the banquet hall include? We’re so glad you asked! A new roof, air-conditioning/heat, interior stone walls, black farmhouse style chandeliers, custom wood doors leading to the lakeside gazebo and gorgeous picture windows that open wide for those who still want the open-air feel that Emery’s is known for. Whew! Our backs hurt just talking about it, but boy was it worth it! Check it out! 


There’s a story to tell here and it’s all in the details 

If you know anything about us at all, you know how much we love a good story! From the custom farmhouse tables to the 200-year-old bar top in the winery, so many unique elements here at Emery’s have their own story to tell. And their beauty and charm add that very special touch you crave in a wedding venue! 

Custom made Farmhouse Tables

One of our most favorite things around here are the farmhouse tables. They give us ALL the rustic vibes we love and the story behind their creation is just as cool! Each of the tables is made from reclaimed wood from a tree that was struck by lightning not far from the venue. Extra much? Uh, yes. SO extra and we absolutely love it. Eric (the owners’ son) made each of the tables by hand and they are stunning! In fact, many brides opt for minimal décor and let the farmhouse tables take center stage. Dressed up or dressed down, these tables are pure perfection! 

How about a 200-year-old, 40 foot long reclaimed long-leaf pinewood bar top repurposed from a warehouse in St Louis, Missouri? Yes, please! Beautiful and masculine and SCREAMS winery vibes, this bar top really is a work of art. And sure does make for great photo ops! 

What winery wedding venue would be complete without tables made from actual wine barrels? Well we’ve got nine! And we love how they complement the farmhouse tables, stone accents in the new enclosure and all the rustic details Emery’s is known for. 

Here at Emery’s we have our own on premise wine label called Black Ridge. Learn more about our winery here. You can only get this label here which adds an exclusive feel to your wedding. Oh, and it also makes your guests feel extra special – dare we say boujee. Pinkies up! 

What other renovations are on the horizon? 

Here at Emery’s, we’re always looking for ways we can create a special and memorable experience for our couples on their big day. Some of the ideas we have floating around are to build a grand entrance on the front of the banquet hall, remodel the bridal suite and add more intimate and unique spaces throughout the property to share special moments with the ones you love.  

What other ideas do you have for us? Drop us a comment and let us know!

On the hunt for the perfect wedding venue? 

Choosing where to spend the first day of your forever after is no small decision and we want to make absolute sure your day is perfect. Rain or shine. Hot or cold. And dare we say Ice storm or Hurricane? Lord knows we’ve seen it all in recent years around here, but no matter what the weather throws our way, our wedding venue can now accommodate just about anything! And still look darn good doing it. 

Make yourself at home here!

If you are on the hunt for a wedding venue, give us a call or shoot us a text to schedule a tour and complimentary wine tasting. We can’t wait to show you around! 979-865-0702 


  1. It’s been such a joy watching Emery’s grow. The team, the structure itself, and allll the couples y’all are helping start their lives together! Such a pleasure to play a small role in all of it!

    • Lindsey Savell says:

      Thank you, Alicia! Not only are you an amazing photographer, you are a supportive and incredible partner! You have played such a major role in our growth as a venue and we truly cannot thank you enough! There must be four or five of you because we’re not sure how you seem to do it all, and always so well! We love working with you and so do our EBC couples. We are so lucky to have you!

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