Organic Peach Inspired Wedding | Carrie + Mike

Early Spring All-Inclusive Winery Wedding

Newly married couple | Organic Peach inspired Indoor Outdoor Ceremony

Many times I will say a couple is THE ‘sweetest couple’ but these two get gold stars! Carrie and Mike were excited to get married! Engagement happened over the holidays and this couple was smitten! It was evident on the very first venue tour. During their venue tour Carrie mentioned that she wanted an organic peach inspired wedding.

Stealing a kiss | Organic Peach inspired wedding at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Why they chose the All-inclusive package

Refreshing bouquets | All-inclusive wedding at Emery's Buffalo Creek

The couple decided they wanted a fuss-free wedding. That meant not having to worry about searching for or contracting any professional wedding vendor(s). The Bride sent us her wishes for the ceremony and reception along with her organic peach inspired wedding colors. The team at Emery’s Buffalo Creek got to work right away!

Juliet Peach Garden rose and greens | Simple decor at Emery's Buffalo Creek

The couple lived in Mississippi. Families traveled from Georgia, Illinois, California, Kansas, Virginia, Louisiana and Mississippi to join the extended family in Texas. Mike’s very proud mother was involved also. It just made sense to have the wedding in Texas at Houston’s only Winery Wedding Venue. Emery’s Planning team communicated via email or phone calls. There was one in- person meeting before the big day! We did it all in just 3 short months.

Just Married | Simple organic peach at Houston's Winery Wedding Venue

Unique Wedding Ceremony

This beautiful couple wanted a small intimate wedding. It was all about sharing their union with loved ones. The ceremony itself was non-traditional. They decided on including their children (with their spouses) to stand with them. On the Brides side were her children, and on the Groom’s side were his. A wonderful way to unite a newly blended family.

Little Flower girls in peach | Playful wedding at Emery's Buffalo Creek in Houston, Texas

Carrie’s darling grand daughters prancing about at Emery’s Buffalo Creek. They were so excited before, during, and after their grandmothers wedding. The fluttery peach colored dresses with their gold glittered shoes were sure to give these girls their princess dreams for the day!

Organic Peach monochromatic scheme for an elegant Spring wedding

Simple and Elegant Peach wedding | Texas wedding venue, Bellville, Tx
Sage and Peach decorated cake | Simple elegance at Emery's Buffalo Creek, Bellville, Texas
Ceremony flower decor Emery's Buffalo Creek | Sage and Peach at Texas Wedding Venue

Sage and Peach colors come to life

Carrie wanted a ‘less frills’ kind of wedding but that didn’t mean she wanted to skip on simple beauty for her wedding day. You can see in these images that simplicity made for elegant decor. Perfect for her organic peach inspired wedding!

Sage and Peach Fireplace Centerpiece | Gorgeous Wedding at Emery's Buffalo Creek

A big white dress was something the Bride did not want. Carrie chose a knee length light colored rose gold dress that had beautiful swirls of sequins befitting her personality. Her man was dressed in a complimentary tan suit and brown cowboy hat. Mike and Carrie looked so good in love.

Texas raised couple at Emery's Buffalo Creek | organic peach inspired wedding
Ring bearer on duty | Emery's Buffalo Creek

It is never too late for a wedding

A favorite thing about this wedding business is witnessing love every day. I believe young love is different than it is for an older couple. There is a deeper kind of love when one appreciates each other’s unique character. Experience and wisdom will make a partner realize that companionship goes beyond romance.

It is never too late to have a wedding. Remember this:

To love a person is to see all of their worth, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten. – Anonymous

Happy Wedding Planning

XOXO ~ Patti

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