6 Tips for your Wedding Venue Search

6 Tips for your wedding venue search | Houston Winery Wedding Venue

How should you prepare for your Wedding Venue Search?

It is exciting to browse wedding venues from your laptop! How should you  prepare for  your wedding Venue search? We advise using a spreadsheet if you are viewing many wedding Venues online. Seeing a wedding Venue in person is another story but equally fun too! Online photos cannot do justice to the beauty of many wedding Venues.  Save yourselves time before you head out. These 6 tips for your wedding Venue search will save you valuable time and money. 

Most wedding Venues rent out their space 12 to 18 months in advance. This gives you ample time to make your payments or save up for the rental of your wedding Venue.  You will want to check availability first (with optional dates) before you go. It may seem that some obstacles (such as COVID-19) are challenging, but did you know many locations are still open. Many family owned wedding Venues can manage the COVID-19 protocols. For more tips and tricks during COVID-19 check out this blog post. 

6 Things you should know before your Wedding Venue hunt

1. Develop your overall wedding budget

You will need to spread your money across the board for many things. Think about what is most important to you as a couple. This step is crucial, for example, if you really want those crystal dinner plates, you will want to allow a bigger budget for this. Be willing to cut some amenities or make a compromise to help your budget. (A planner is recommended to help you out here)

2. Evaluate your guest list

Determine whether you prefer an intimate wedding or a large-scale social gathering. We believe a small or large wedding can be enjoyable and fabulous either way! Don’t forget that décor, alcohol, catering, and cake can affect the bottom line.  If your budget is smaller, remember it is all about sharing your day with close friends and family.

3. Determine your style of Venue

Pick 3 Venue styles that fit you and your fiancés style. Make sure both of you are comfortable and love the wedding Venue style. If you have done your research, you will quickly realize that Venue styles range from very formal to very rustic.  A great thing to remember is that a wedding Venue can help set the tone of your wedding. Venues that are neutral and naturally beautiful are best because your wedding theme could change within the year you book. Let’s say you chose a ballroom and planned a certain theme to go with it.  You later decide to go with a different theme that doesn’t fit with the ballroom aesthetic.  A neutral and naturally beautiful wedding venue can make it easy to transition to any theme you like. 

4. Pay close attention to who you are touring the Venue with

Are they personable? Are they knowledgeable? Ask the person that is giving the tour what their job title is. It is likely you will be working with this person from the beginning to the end of your wedding. A great relationship is important since this relationship can last up to a year or more.  Be sure to ask the Venue representative about any hidden fees such as CC fees, service fees, and sales tax that may apply. These fees are important in your overall cost and budget. Every wedding Venue has a different procedure and policy in place regarding payment requirements including the fees mentioned earlier. 

5. Pick optional wedding dates

This is important! We advise you to pick several dates that you will be okay with. You may choose a Venue you loved and then find out they are booked on the date you set aside. What is more important to you? A Venue or the date? Be willing to change your date if you plan to have your wedding during a busy wedding season. Tip: in the past June was considered the popular month, today, October and November has risen in popularity. 

6. Settle on a Season

This step isn’t critical but it can set the tone for  your wedding. Choose a Spring wedding if you love big show-y flowers! Fall is a great season for those cooler evenings.  If you just love the glowing fireplaces, a winter wedding would set the perfect ambience. The list can go go on.

Seasonal Venue pricing Tips

We cannot finish this post on 6 tips for your wedding venue search without mentioning seasonal pricing.  For wedding Venues this is called Off-peak season. You can get a better deal in most cases. For us, our Venue-only Off-peak pricing runs May through September.

Purchase Wedding Insurance

Once you book your Venue – we have one more important tip.  Purchasing wedding insurance for your special day.  Couples, you will be incredibly  relieved that you purchased wedding insurance. It does not matter if it is an Indoor-outdoor wedding Venue, Winery Venue,  Hotel chain, Barn, or  Banquet Hall.  We wholly recommend purchasing wedding insurance.  The cost is nominal for the peace of mind knowing that your wedding investment is protected. Here is a great read on hidden fees and insurance types from Ruffledblog. We recommend these two source for your wedding insurance; Wedsure or Wedsafe. Congrats on your engagement by the way!!

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Happy Wedding Planning!

~Patti XOXO

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