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Wedding Planning Process in the Greater Houston Area

I remember the day clearly; it was the summer of 2016 when I met the darling duo Sara and Brian for the first time. Sara has a bright infectious smile that can make anyone feel at ease and Brian is a true gentleman. You couldn’t tell this lovely couple might have been a bit anxious about their wedding planning when we met. For you see, there was just a few short months left before the big day was scheduled to take place. Do you see how huge this could be for a wedding couple? Basic wedding planning processes for Sara & Brian got accomplished. Guidance is key.  The couple was confident that Emery’s Buffalo Creek had everything needed for their Purple Rustic Chic Wedding.

Bride and Groom under wedding veil at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Getting ready in the Bridal Suite

Purple Rustic Chic Wedding at Houston Winery Wedding Venue

As new owners of the Houston Winery wedding venue in 2016, additions to the previously owned venue by Larry and myself were the new farmhouse tables and chairs. The couple was thrilled with all the new additions! The couple came out a few times to work on a layout of the new farmhouse tables and wine barrel tables, Sara and Brian wanted to make sure their guest were seated perfectly. In addition to the farmhouse tables, we installed a Texas iron works chandelier for added Texas flair which contributed to the ambiance of the Houston winery wedding venue that Sara and Brian loved.  Closest friends and family enjoyed the special day in a quaint yet refined venue. The atmosphere of Emery’s Buffalo Creek for Brian & Sara was a splendid fit for this Purple Rustic Chic Wedding!

Bride and Groom first dance under the texas iron works chandelier at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Getting to know the Emery’s Buffalo Creek couple

Brian and Sara welcomed me onto their Houston wedding team in many ways. This couple knew what they wanted, an outdoor ceremony, views of nature, romance, elegance, and a winery wedding venue. These two also chose me as their wedding florist. It is always my goal to search out what a couple likes and guide them on the many gorgeous flowers in the floral world. That is why I have a personal and professional process for your Houston wedding flowers.

First, we get down to the style they are looking for and then we talk flowers and decor. Scrolling through the flower cards, Sara immediately fell in love with Peonies, but this flower can be a budget slasher. Explaining the seasonality and the cost of Peonies, I helped guide Sara in fun ways to incorporate them!  It did not take long to discover her style and Brian was the sweetest saying “whatever she likes is fine with him”… don’t you just love those type of men! We determined that they wanted a simple Rustic Chic style wedding.

The Groom and his squad at the purple inspired wedding at Emery's Buffalo Creek

She loved purple, so to perfectly suit up her party she purchased bridesmaids’ gowns at BHLDN by Anthropologie. We decided for flowers to go with the purple colored bridesmaid gowns, we needed some ivory, lilac, and pinks to soften it up, I even popped in some wine colored Amaranthus for a fun rustic accent! This went beautifully against the dresses she chose for her Bridal party.

The Bride and her lovely maids at Emery's Buffalo Creek winery wedding venue

After the "I do's" at Emery's Buffalo Creek

The romantic Rustic Chic wedding day

That fall morning I set up the Bridal party bouquets in the Bridal suite since I had other decor set up to do. It was time to sprinkle some charm around our Houston Winery wedding venue.  Our team and I set up wood disks and with some silver compotes filled with charming Hydrangeas, Roses, Wax flowers, and some Amaranthus for extra color. We hand laid Silver Dollar mixed with Plumosa foliage for garlands on the farm tables. Candles were spread out among the beautiful foliage for added romance on the farm tables which was a perfect setting for a romantic Rustic Chic wedding.

Rustic Chic purple inspired wedding day decor at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Sara had the sweetest things to say about her wedding day. “The flowers and decor were more than she imagined”. I also found out she was so happy with her flowers that she cried when she saw her Bridal bouquet in the bridal suite. In addition, she was so excited for her day to begin since I had surprised her with the most beautiful flowers in her bouquet! Hearing this from beautiful Sara makes me my heart so happy…I am so proud to produce works of art that evoke delightful emotions.

Sara and her purple inspired rustic chic bridal bouquet

After the wedding

Guess what happened? Sara wanted to remember her day forever, so she preserved her bouquet. The flowers are in a shadow box and now hanging on her wall in her home. She said, “Every time I stop to look at them, I’m reminded of how wonderful and beautiful my wedding day was – I couldn’t imagine not having my flowers to look at for years to come.”

The couples 'send off' to their happily ever after at Emery's Buffalo Creek

The best part of being ‘hands on’ and an owner of Emery’s Buffalo Creek is seeing couples on social media today, this sweet couple is now a darling family of three. Witnessing the ‘happily ever after’ is why all of us here at Emery’s Buffalo Creek genuinely love doing weddings.

Quiet moment before the wedding at Emery's Buffalo Creek

Happy Wedding Planning!

~ Patti  XOXO

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ashlen Sydney Photography

VENUE: Emery’s Buffalo Creek


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