What’s your bridal bouquet style?

What bridal bouquet style are you?

The Bridal bouquet is the most beautiful accessory to your wedding gown. Wouldn’t you agree ? Narrow down your Bridal bouquet choices the easy way. Four simple styles that you can easily express to your florist. What’s your bridal bouquet style? Lets find out!

Essentially, your wedding dress says a lot about you and plays an important role in the bouquet style you choose. If you already purchased your wedding gown, what a fun wedding item marked off your wedding to-do list! Congrats!

If you do not have a wedding planner, we advise you to bring a picture of your wedding dress to your floral meeting. Keep in mind that your floral designer can help you match your bouquet style to your dress for an impressive unified look.

This guide below is here to help you define your bouquet style. Do you consider yourself Trendy, Romantic, Sophisticated or a Creative Bride? Read on to discover what bridal bouquet style are you.

Boho bridal bouquet at Texas winery wedding venue in Bellville, TX beautiful photography by Samantha O'Neal
EBC Flowers / Samantha O’ Neal Photography

Our rule of thumb is the 4:4 rule. Four STYLE categories: Contemporary, Traditional, Modern and Non-traditional. Four basic SHAPE categories: Round, Cascade, Crescent and Hand-tied. These shapes can take on any size and can be styled in a relaxed or glamorous way. NOW, are you ready to discover your Bridal bouquet style?

Contemporary |The Trendy Bride

The word contemporary means ‘belonging to or occurring in the present’. Contemporary style bouquets are on trend TODAY. A great example is the Hand-tied and Crescent bouquet shape. Both are perfect for the Trendy Bride.

Is your Pinterest board chock full of contemporary bouquet images that have the trendy unstructured look? Likely, the Crescent or Hand-tied bouquet shape may be perfect for you! These shapes are fluid and natural looking with grasses, dried flowers, or plenty of greenery. Mini versions of these bouquet shapes are called Posy and Nosegays.

You may have seen the term Bohemian bridal bouquet plastered all across Pinterest. Boho for short, these contemporary bouquets are actually magnified versions of the Hand-tied or the Crescent style bouquet. Go dramatic by adding rustic, vintage, or even whimsical elements.

Soft Bohemian Bridal bouquet by Teal Truck Flowers in Sealy, Texas | Photography by Samantha O' Neal in Katy, Texas
Teal Truck Flowers / Samantha O’ Neal Photography

Personality types that love this Contemporary style usually are ones that love to travel, are artistic and very social. The Trendy Bride adores fashion design, he or she keeps an eye on the latest craze.

Contemporary-Trendy Brides that love this style are free spirits and are usually creative, sporty, dramatic, natural, and casual. If you are somewhat of a rule breaker and have an exotic style you might have already fallen in love with the Boho style Bridal bouquets.

These contemporary relaxed style bouquets are perfect for an indoor-outdoor venue, industrial space, winery wedding venue, greenhouse, or even an art gallery. Read all about this Vibrant Boho Bride pictured below here.

Bouquet Shapes for the Trendy Bride: Hand tied, Crescent, Boho

Colorful Bohemian Bridal bouquet at Emery's Buffalo Creek winery wedding venue in Bellville, TX. Samantha O' Neal Photography
EBC Flowers / Samantha O’ Neal Photography

Traditional | The Romantic bride

Traditional Bridal bouquets include the classic Cascade, Round, and Hand-tied shaped bouquets. Smaller version of the Round style is called a Posy. Traditional style does not have to be boring! These bouquets are meant to have a wow factor to them too.

Cascade Bridal bouquet at Houston Winery wedding venue in Bellville, Tx. Samantha O' Neal Photography
EBC Flowers / Samantha O’ Neal Photography
Organic Peach hand tied bouquet under the gazebo at Emery's Buffalo Creek. Samantha O' Neal Photography
EBC Flowers / Samantha O’ Neal Photography
Round Gathered style Bridal bouquet at Houston's indoor-outdoor wedding venue in Bellville, TX. Alicia Yarrish Photography
EBC Flowers / Alicia Yarrish Photography

The Romantic Bride favor classic, elegant, and refined elements in life. Romantics are usually a tad more feminine with a timeless taste. We find that these Brides are the type that love enchanting fairytale weddings (and maybe some childhood movies).

A Traditional-Romantic Bride have a bit of old soul and they appreciate the bygone days. A Romantic bride likes the tried and true traditions reminiscent of a sweet and simpler time. Magical nights to remember with sentiments down to every detail are what they dream of.

Any Bride that loves this style bouquet would love a wedding venue that has some charm. A castle, countryside, industrial, or winery wedding venue are all great wedding venue choices for these Brides.

Bouquet Shape: Cascade, Round, Hand-tied

White round hand-tied Bridal bouquet at Emery's Buffalo Creek in Bellville Tx. Country skies, great wine. Eric & Jenn Photography
EBC Flowers / Eric & Jenn Photography

Modern Minimalist |The Sophisticated bride

As the saying goes; less is more. Modern Minimalist bouquets are for those that love clean lines and embrace simplicity with class. Primarily monochromatic in color, these Bridal bouquet styles include floral hoops, single stem bouquets, and smaller round style bouquets. The Modern Minimalist Bride CAN pull off a show-stopping wedding.

Simple modern style Bridal bouquet image from marthastewart.com. Guide to bridal bouquet styles at Emery's Buffalo Creek
marthastewart.com / Julie Cate photography

A Modern Bride is confident yet practical. They are organized and very hands-on. Practicality does not mean compromising the Modern Brides stylish taste and budget. The Sophisticated Bride has a sense of luxury, yet is willing to accept bolder looks to save money. They may even try fresher ways of doing things to add a luxurious surprise for their guest.

On the flip side, the modern minimalist may be an environmentalist crusader. He or she even might be passionate about sustainable causes. The minimalist Bride may use those skills to help provide wedding essentials on her special day.

Modern minimalist bridal bouquet image from marthastewart.com . What's your style bouquet guide from Emery's Buffalo Creek
marthastewart.com / Anna Delores Photography

You can define a Modern-Sophisticated Bride as having ‘stylish sensibility’. He or she will emphasize on statement pieces for their wedding day. These statement pieces can be simple yet have much impact. Modern styles are easy on the eyes. Don’t be afraid of this simple look as it can be stunning in any space. Choose a neutral wedding venue for this style.

Bouquet Shape: Round, Single stem, Hand-tied, Floral Hoops

Just a little tip for you. Google associates the word Modern with Contemporary. To save yourself time we suggest using the word ‘simple’ or ‘minimalist’ in your search for modern style bouquets. If you want to learn a little more about the minimalist style read here at MyWedding.com

Non-Traditional| The Creative Bride

If none of the above bouquet styles seem to fit the bill for you. A Non-traditional unique bouquet just might be what you are looking for. Some examples would be single dried fan palm leaf, a broach bouquet, or a floral hoop. This list is not limited and you can get creative here!

Unique Floral Hoop bouquet style  at Emery's Buffalo Creek for the creative Bride. Peachy Val Photography
EBC Flowers / Peachy Val Photography

The Creative Bride loves to think outside of the box with their wedding day. This Bride may have a creative side and love to craft things them selves, or may be the dreamer and hand the job over to someone else. They are a free-spirits as well. The Non-traditional-Creative Bride has broad interests and love complexity. They are humorous and often do not play by the rules. Non-traditional Brides are known to be spontaneous and their Pinterest wedding board might have many hopeful projects saved.

Did you discover your bridal bouquet style after reading this blog? We hope we helped you out. Here at Emery’s Buffalo Creek we will guide you with any floral questions you may have.

Your wedding day is all about you two as a couple ! Show off your style!

XOXO ~ Patti

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